Investment Management

We were involved in building the initial website and front and back office for this Edinburgh/London investment startup – 7IM, which is still going strong.

Technical Details:

The work for 7IM was initially developed in the classic three tier system of Microsoft SQLServer, via some business logic in the middle (Visual Basic again) and thrust onto the Web via XML and client and server scripting (JavaScript & ASP). This system then evolved via functionality to a second version around 2004.

Downloadable Mortgage Payment Calculator

Try out this downloadable mortgage calculator to work out your monthly mortgage payments. The calculator is freeware, runs on Windows platforms and can be downloaded from this page.

Features of the calculator include:

  • Repayment or interest only schemes.

  • Choice of how the interest is calculated, e.g. daily, monthly or yearly.

  • Additional calculations of interest and principal amounts over a chosen monthly range.

  • Calculation of rate or loan or time period given an estimated monthly payment.

  • Output of  payments and remaining balance by month or annually.

  • Windows platform.

  • Small executable size ( ~40KBytes).


Downloadable Mortgage Payment Calculator

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Technical Details:

The mortgage calculator was written in 1999 using good old Visual Basic and Excel spreadsheets.